Buying Guide

Buying The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Guide

Enjoying a beautiful vanity design in the comfort of your bathroom requires a tiny bit of attention to detail and a lot of careful planning. You simply have too many decisions to make to take the whole process lightly, from choosing the best layout and style to selecting your preferred type of sinks and countertops.
Let us help you with the entire process by giving you a few guidelines you can easily follow on your way to success.

1. Think about the Layout

Before deciding what kind of finishes, fixtures and colors you would like your bathroom vanity to have, you need to know exactly where it’s going and just how big you’d like to make it.

The standard galley layout includes two vanity spaces that are separated by a pass through, each of which can include sinks or be used wash up or for seating.

In order to make the vanity design as efficient as possible while taking full advantage of the available storage and counter space, many bathrooms feature horizontal vanities with one section of cabinetry, coupled with streamlined, clean lines and bathroom design.

However, some homeowners choose to design L-shaped vanities, especially when it comes to master bathrooms. They are seldom efficient, and usually end up taking more space than it would be desirable, but they do offer ample leg and arm room as well as distinct vanity spaces.

2. Determine the Number of Sinks

If you have a set number of sinks in mind, you’ll need to find the vanity style that will accommodate the number of sinks you’d like to have.

Most homeowners simply prefer having double sinks. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, this is not always possible.

If your vanity is smaller than 60 inches in width, you’ll usually want to stick to one sink option. It can be in the center or to the right or left, with your sink cabinet having drawers or standard cabinet doors.

3. Choose the Style You Like Best

This may be the most important step. Once you figure out the layout you would like and the layout that’ll best suit your bathroom and determine how many sinks you want, the natural following step would be to design on the vanity design. It may be traditional... Antique furniture piece... A pedestal type of sink... Your choice.

Take into consideration these factors if you decide for a traditional vanity cabinet:

- You’ll have to decide between stain or paint, simply.

- Do you have a favorite color perhaps?

-What’s your preferred color?

-Door styles are important. Think of which one would you like.

-You’ll need to make a choice between drawers, pullouts and doors.

Take your pick and make sure to choose wisely!

4. Find the Right Countertop

Pedestal sinks and antique pieces of furniture enable you to skip this step altogether. Other designs, however, don’t. Most other designs, including cabinets and repurposed furniture pieces without a top will require some type of countertop.

There are tons of materials for you to choose from. Take your pick from concrete, laminate, marble, granite, wood, solid surface and more...

Just keep in mind that soft stones like marble scratch more easily than granite and quartz and have less tolerance for moisture.

5. Pick the Type of Sink

The undermount, drop-in, vessel or wall-mount are your choices when it comes to choosing the type of sinks you would like to have. After that, you are left with choosing the materials – whether it’s natural stone, porcelain, etc.

If you want to bother with a complicated installation process you should go to undermount sinks! Make sure to count in the installation costs of a professional because there’s a slight change you’ll manage to do it on your own.

Vessel sinks, on the other hand, provide you with an option to choose a sink with patterns and design you like. The installation is simple – just a hole for the drain from your countertop.

Which leads us to drop-in sinks that are installed inside a cutout in your countertop... Their lips will rest on top of your counter making them one of the options most easy to install.

6. Time For Fixtures!

Now you’ve done it all, you need to wrap up your design with fixtures. Focus your attention on layout and finishes or coordinate with the rest of your design to pick the perfect color scheme.

Specifically, you need to make the following decisions:

- What kind of lighting do you prefer? Sconce? Wall mounted? Recessed?

- Decorative mirrors are so easy to replace but built-in mirrors look damn well. Which one will you choose? 

- Cabinet knobs and pulls – a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked.

- Simple and modern or detailed faucet design?

There is definitely no lack of opportunity and options when it comes to your choices. Choose the ones that best fit your taste and enjoy your bathroom experience every single day!